GXR was one of the few remodeling companies that (A) responded to my request for a quote; and (B) didn’t scoff when learning my project wasn’t 6 figures. In such a competitive market, it’s nice to have quality contractors that are willing to work within your budget and listen to your ideas. I’m extremely happy with the final product (siding, front porch, and back door awning) delivered by GXR. Dean (sales) was very communicative during the design and closing phases of the project. He wasn’t just trying to pitch the highest end projects, but really listened to my design considerations and helped me land on a quality, cost efficient project. Jose (project manager) and his crew did amazing work. listened to what we were trying to do and gave us options around how we wanted it to look vs cost analysis. The project did take awhile to get started and interim communication wasn’t always proactive on their end, but in this age of supply issues and a backlog of projects, it is understandable. Ultimately, what matters is the project was completed, the interactions were always friendly/professional, and I am happy with the complete transformation the work resulted in.